End-Grain Butcher Blocks vs. Charcuterie Boards

End-Grain Butcher Blocks vs. Charcuterie Boards

Cutting boards have several different cuts and uses. If you're trying to decide whether to buy an end-grain butcher block/wood cutting board or a charcuterie board, here's what you need to know:

The grain in the cutting board refers to the direction of the wood fibres. At Wood Craft Bros., our hand-made end-grain cutting boards are made by standing up short pieces of wood so that the fibres point up into the air, allowing the board to self-heal after being cut. End-grain cutting boards are much easier on your knife's edge than other methods. Our end-grain cutting boards are great for chopping vegetables and are also well suited for different cuts of meat or poultry.

End-Grain Cutting Boards

When it comes to cutting boards, you want the best. You want a board that won't dull your knife and won't leave dents in your food (like a plastic or glass cutting board would). An end-grain board is the way to go! End-grain boards are more durable and easier to clean than edge-grain boards because of their unique grain pattern:

  • The end grain is continuous on each side of the board, so there's no need for glue or fasteners;
  • Because of this design, end-grain boards will never warp;
  • Many types of wood are used in making these cutting boards: maple, walnut, oak, cherry—the list goes on!

End-grain boards are generally better for cutting meat or cheese, while charcuterie boards are better for serving and presentation.

Charcuterie Boards: Softer Wood Grain & Aesthetic Appeal

Charcuterie boards are specifically for the timeless tradition of serving various meat and cheese appetizers to your guests using a hand-crafted, aesthetic serving board. You will want to steer entirely clear of using a charcuterie board for cutting your food. 

With a softer finish and a “face grain” finish, your knife will directly cut against the wood grain’s exposed fibres. Cutting using this type of board will lead to marks and distortion to your serving board’s finish, so ensure that you’re using a butcher block/cutting board, specifically durable against markups with its end-grain finish.

When you're looking for a cutting board, you have a lot of choices. You can pick from a wide range of materials, and Wood Craft Bros. offers a wide selection of 100% Canadian hand-made wood cutting and charcuterie boards. Which type of wood cutting board or serving board is right for you? It depends on what makes sense for your kitchen—and your guests!

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