The Wood Crafts Difference

Welcome to The Woodcraft Difference. Founded in 2015, Woodcraft Bros., has prided itself in bringing old world traditions to your everyday table with its handcrafted presentation boards. Created by the Romans and perfected by the French, charcuterie dates back to the last few hundred years. More recently, charcuterie has become mainstream; popping up at homes, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and anywhere that food is served. People have been serving charcuterie on just about anything that can be found in the kitchen. At Woodcraft Bros. we have found it best served on 100% Canadian Black Walnut due to its durability and unique colour and grain characteristics. Woodcraft Bros. prides itself on hand selecting and hand crafting each locally sourced board to perfection, ensuring that no two pieces are alike or duplicated. Additionally, each piece is kiln dried to less than 9 percent moisture to ensure less splitting and cracking. Every board we make is truly one of a kind and a masterpiece in its own right. 

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